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August 27, 2007

Worthy Recognition of an Opponent

Originally published 02/27/2007 at Civil Gideon: Digest

I couldn't help but think that Ron Branson of Jail4Judges is making great progress if he gets more than mention by Chief Justice Ronald M. George at his State of the Judiciary Address to the California Legislature. To read Mr. Branson's comments, join the Jail4Judges Yahoo Group.

The speech is published at:

State of the Judiciary Address Delivered to a Joint Session of the Legislature Sacramento, California February 26, 2007 Chief Justice Ronald M. George

Have the Tums handy when you get toward the bottom. Blech!

Links: Jail4Judges Jail4Judges Yahoo Group State of the Judiciary Address

1 comment:

Richard Bastian said...

I have a saying and it is this:
" The only people who have any faith in our Judicial System are only those that have failed to have any dealings with it"
MY QUOTE! This after being screwed more than once by the courts, a place where I always believed where a person could go to get a fair hearing.
Boy how stupid I must have been.
Had three police officers testify under oath to tell the truth. When I showed the court that they were lying by way of a witnesses written statement, nothing was said, or done, and I lost my case.
Another time when I proved that the police filed a false police report, again nothing was done.
I can just imagine how all the WW-11 Vets would be turning in their graves to see just how their sacrifices have meant so little when it comes to receiving justice in our courts.
I have worked as a news photographer for the past thirty years, and the general public has not a clue as to what we go through when we attempt to stand up for our rights.
I had a bailiff tell me how all the judges were in the back laughing about how they really put one over on me. When I asked this bailiff if he was telling me the Gods honest truth, he replied in the affirmative.I have sallowed some really bitter pills in my time, but this one just won't go down without bringing much pain and discomfort.Tell me, how doe's one just let it go? If you know, then, please tell me.
When I hear Bush say were over in Iraq fighting and allowing our young men and woman die so that we can bring that country a system of justice, I really scratch my head and wonder when are we going to have it here first! Were a nation of laws, yea right... to protect ones who break them by twisting and bending and putting forth technicalities in order to skirt around the meaning of the law.
Oh well, tell me how do we spell Justice, no,no,no pale face It's "JUST- US"